PHOTOGRAPHY - I regularly work with magazines, publishers and charities to shoot editorial features and advertising commissions. I specialise in nature, science, conservation and the outdoors and use a photojournalistic approach to tell engaging stories about passionate people, their work and adventures. I like to capture portraits of people in their natural environment - be that in the workshop or out in the field. If you would like to discuss a commission or see further examples of my published work, please contact me here.

My knowledge of science and nature help me understand complex stories quickly and know instinctively the best ways to communicate them visually. It also helps me to build a rapport with those normally behind the scenes, putting them at ease and helping to bring out their character for the camera. Most importantly, when it's time to document people at work, I remain focussed but unobtrusive, making sure to get those important shots as they undertake their endeavours without distracting them from the task.

As an award winning wildlife photographer, I am accustomed to working in adverse conditions with unpredictable subjects. Knowing how to shoot fast moving animals in low light and pre-empting action are invaluable skills when transferred to reportage photography. Creative photographic techniques I have developed to get up close and personal with wildlife enable me to add visual drama to a story, by using fresh perspectives and dynamic angles. Please visit my news page to see my latest published work.

WRITING - I am first and foremost a photographer, but regularly write features about my photography and the stories I've covered for international print and online magazines. I write a monthly photography column for BBC Wildlife Magazine called "3 Ways to Photograph". For examples of my writing please contact me directly.